The Great Commission is not the Great Suggestion.

At Maranatha Bible Church we take seriously the command of Jesus in Matthew – “Go ye therefore and teach all nations teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you.” This means that we are focused on telling others the good news of Jesus Christ both at home and internationally. Maranatha supports many Missions organizations and Missionaries around the world including in New Zealand, France, India, Asia, and Mozambique. In the U.S. we support diverse groups such as Teen Challenge and Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Maranatha has a special focus on supporting the spread of the gospel in Africa. In Rwanda we partner with Africa New Life Ministries in ministering to those whose lives were affected by the 1994 Genocide where over one million people were brutally slaughtered. This has resulted in nearly 50% of the population of the country being children under the age of 18 most of whom were orphaned.

In 1992 Maranatha established an outreach ministry to the children of Uganda East Africa in partnership with Africa Renewal Ministries. Through an nominal sponsorship fee of 35$ monthly children can obtain an education at the Maranatha Christian Academy or one of its associated schools in Rakai and Bethany Village. In addition the sponsorship allows the children to receive a Bible, shoes, a school uniform, medical care when needed, and a nutritious meal once a day. Hundreds of children still need sponsors.  Consider making a commitment to help a child today!

In 2004 we also established a sponsorship program for Pastors in Uganda and Rwanda.The majority of these Pastors receive no financial compensation from their churches as is common in economically underdeveloped countries. Sponsoring a Pastor for 50$ per month for rural Pastors and 100$ per month for urban Pastors allows you to assist the minister in providing housing food, clothing and other needs for their families. This allows the Pastor a greater opportunity to focus on study and ministry since some of his basic needs are being met.

Our Impact on Uganda