Why Is Attending Sunday School So Important? Part 2

Why Is Attending Sunday School So Important? Part 2


In a prior post, we began the discussion of the importance of attending Sunday School. We established that Sunday School is the place where you can really learn how to dig into the Word of God and be able to engage in real conversations about God and His Word (Why is attending sunday school so important Part 1). In this post, we will discuss more reasons why all believers should attend Sunday School.

1. Sunday School is a safe place to ask questions. No one completely understands all that there is in the Bible. Even the simplest verse can be confusing if taken out of context. Many are afraid to ask questions for a variety of reasons, fear being the most prevalent. However, if one never gets to ask their questions, how does one get answers? Sunday School is the best place to get those answers. Since the classes are small, it is also the safest place. The class, led by the teacher, is knowledgeable enough in the Word to answer many questions that may arise without ridiculing or belittling the person asking. If the question is particularly tough, then the class will normally search out the answer in the Word together. This is group learning at its best.

2. You can make lasting friendships. One reason for people typically falling out of fellowship with the local church is that they don’t make connections with others in the congregation. This may especially be true if someone goes to a large or mega-church. It is easy to get lost in the crowd. A shared bond with others in the class is created by actively participating in the discussions and activities, which leads to more sharing and learning. It is in this manner that the lasting bonds of friendship are established.

3. You will have someone to help keep you accountable in your walk with the Lord. Another reason why people tend to fall away from church is because they don’t have anyone who will help keep them accountable in their walk with the Lord. People tend to fall away and stop attending church when problems arise or the enemy attacks. The friends made in Sunday school will pray for and encourage you, helping you to understand that you are not alone in dealing with problems. That will help strengthen your walk with the Lord. If you have a hunger and thirst for more Bible knowledge, go to Sunday School. If you want to meet others of like faith, go to Sunday School. If you want to be closer to others and be held more accountable in your walk with Christ, then go to Sunday School. It is not just for kids. Sunday School for everyone!

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